FAQ: What are your hours of Operation?

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call @ 770-882-3916 or send us an email @ [email protected] You can always chat with us on our website @ www.partybusforatlanta.com

FAQ: How old do you have to be to be in a party bus?

At Party Bus For Atlanta ®, you can be on the bus at any age. We have organized party bus trips for babies, teenagers, and adults. However, in order to book the bus we do require the client to be at least 21 years old. Also If you book the bus for anyone under 21 years old, an adult will have the be on the party bus on the day of the event. No alcohol drinking allowed if the bus has at least 1-person younger than 21.

FAQ: Is it legal to drink on a party bus? 

You can bring your own alcohol on a party bus if all guests are 21 years old and up. Party Bus For Atlanta cannot, by law, supply alcohol to/for clients. Guests must provide their own alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed outside of the bus during the trip.

FAQ: How much does it cost to rent a party bus? 

Party Bus rental rate in Atlanta, GA depends on many factors, such as the season, the number of people, the day of the week, how many hours you need a bus for, the deals we offer…etc. That is why in order to get the best possible deal, we always advice to give Party Bus For Atlanta ® a call as soon as possible.

FAQ: How many people can you fit in a party bus? 

Party Bus For Atlanta ® Buses can hold 35 people. Depending on the size of the people and amount of space wanted by your party, 35 may be a bit crowded since wrap around seating will allow some people to stretch out more than others. Only bring 35 if you are “sure” that you are all close friends…lol However, we do have a lot of affiliates in Atlanta, Ga. So, we can get you a bus that can seat more than 40 people

FAQ: What is a party bus? 

FAQ - Party Bus For Atlanta

FAQ – Party Bus For Atlanta

Today Party Bus For Atlanta ® is the preferred limousine transportation. With a party bus, you get more space and you can get transportation for more than 10 people. A Party Bus is the vehicle that people request the most today. A party bus is a bus with a limousine interior. This is convenient when you have a lot of people you want to provide safe and entertaining transportation to. Also with our party buses you can have your party in the bus. So our party buses can be used as your party venue.

FAQ: Am I required to tip the driver? 

We are the most powerful name in Affordable Party Bus. When we give you a quote, all is included. We do not require you to pay for anything else extra. Other companies will require a standard tip for a bus driver often at least 15 to 20 percent of the cost of the job and a cleaning fee. Again, we do not require you to tip any of our drivers but you are welcome to do so if you feel like it.

FAQ: What happens if you unintentionally leave something on the party bus? 

We are not in charge of things left on the bus but you can call or email us to check whether the cleaning team discovered anything.

FAQ: How Do I book a party bus? 

$100 Reservation fee deposit is due upon booking and can be applied to your credit or debit card. Payment can be made online on our website or over the phone. The remaining balance due is to be paid cash before we can pick you up. If you want to pay the balance with your credit or debit card, sales taxes will be added to the balance due.

FAQ: How do I confirm my reservation?

To confirm a reservation with Party Bus For Atlanta ® is a simple process

  • Get your quote from Us over the phone
  • You can then pay for your reservation deposit over the phone
  • You will receive your receipt through a text message and an email
  • Paying for the reservation deposit as soon as possible guarantees that you will have a party bus at the day and time you requested.

FAQ: Can I smoke on the bus? 

Our bus are smoke-free.

FAQ: Can I  physically see the bus before I book it?   

In some circumstance Yes. If the bus you want to book belongs to Party Bus For Atlanta ®, we can make an arrangement for you to come see the bus before you book. If the bus you want belongs to one of our affiliates, we cannot guarantee that you will see the bus. However, we will send you enough pictures and guarantee that you will have the bus you chose.

FAQ: What’s included in your party bus Best packages?  

When you rent a party bus from us, Cups, ice, water, soda are always included. If you and all your guests are over 21y/o you are more than welcome to bring your own alcohol.

FAQ: Can you do just a pick-up & drop-off only?   

Yes, a simple pick-up and drop-off is usually at least $200 depending on many factors such as pick up and drop off location, travel distance…etc Always call ahead of time to get an accurate quote.

FAQ: Can I bring food on the party bus? 

Yes, You can bring food. We will provide paper towels, make sure you have plastic containers and plastic dinnerware.

FAQ: I have found a cheaper quote, will you match it? 

The short answer is yes.

FAQ: What kind of place can I visit? 

We do have several suggestions. Just To give you an example:

  • Suggestions for Sweet 16 bus parties:  Skyview, Centennial Park…etc
  • suggestions for adults night trips:  Popular Dance Clubs – Vanquish, Reign, Opera, Havana Club, Cosmo Lava & Compound are late night dance clubs; Alternative suggestion:  restaurants, Dinner Club & drag show…etc
    Suggestions for Christmas Light Tours:  Lake Lanier Islands, Stone Mountain, Callaway Gardens…etc
  • Suggestions for adult day trips:  Georgia Aquarium, Wine tours in Dahlonega, Chateau Élan…etc

FAQ: Can We Decorate The Bus? 

If you hire one of our party buses let us know at the time of booking and we will arrange to arrive at the pick-up point early enough for you to put the decorations up yourselves. No sticky tape on paintwork, please.

FAQ: How long Can I rent a party bus for prom?

For prom the minimum rental requirement is 6 hours.

FAQ: Who’s responsibility is the parking? 

The responsibility would be the person that made the booking.

We would not be able to proceed with a party if there is not parking made available to us as we can only carry out parties on a stationary basis. If parking needs to be paid for, then this needs to be carried out by the person responsible for making the booking with us. If adequate parking is not available and a ticket is written out to us, then the payment of the ticket would again be under the person who made the booking’s responsibility.

FAQ | Party Bus For Atlanta ®

FAQ | Party Bus For Atlanta ®

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